September: sales and releases

It is September; time for sales and releasing new collections.
After traveling during the summer, I’ve decided to lower down the prices.  I’ve been watching the market, and I think these new prices fit in my designs much better.  I’m also showing this color palette in case you would like to order any of the designs in them.  As they are made on request, you can choose your color combination or either make them in just one.

To be so new in the market has these kind of things.  You try, you observe, you learn.  It is so important to go outside, to see how it works around you.  To put prices is really a hard and difficult thing to do for a designer.  There is no where to learn that.  We just learn to make and create new collections, but not how to be in the market.

Very soon, I’ll be launching the new collection for SPRING 16,
«Knowledge is there, but the knower is not.»

I will keep you updated.


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