Sagesse (Sensatez)

That’s the way it should be.  Not even friendship, just friendliness.

Human beings must have something of the wild in them.  If we grow in our natural wildness, our love will have a tremendous depth, a great joy.  But it will not be possible to put it in a contract, there is no law for it.  Love is a law unto itself, and when it disappears they will say goodbye with gratefulness to each other for all those beautiful moments that they have lived together, for all those songs they have sung together, for all those dances under the full moon on the beach.  They will carry all those memories with them and they will be gratefull forever.
But they will not hinder each other’s freedom; their love prohibits it.»


This is Sagesse to me.  I’d really like to be able to do this.  But it´s so difficult as we feel the pain of being hurt because of disregard, abuse, deceive… and so on and so on.  If we could only see that if it hurts us is because we do not recognize it in ourselves?  We all do it, or did it, without being conscious about it.  That´s why it hurts.  And when you feel hurt, there is a need for revenge that it´s so hard to control.  Unless you see yourself in it.  Courage is what we need, to be able to see it and deal with the pain.


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