It finally happened. The presentation is done. After so many days of planning, doing, making, buying, sending emails… it came to an end. And this is what we get from it. A wonderful experience, so much learning, meeting new lovely people, new interesting projects for the future.

Above all, I feel so much gratefulness to all the people who has helped me to make it happen, and to life itself for making it possible. Thanks to all the special ones who came and enjoyed the exhibition. I feel so fortunate for being able to have this experience, for being immersed in this project which I love so much.

I apologize for all the people I didn’t invite because the gallery didn’t allow us to have more than fifty people inside due to its precious art pieces and the delicacy of its interior decoration. I would have loved to have margin to invite everyone, but I had to cut off… Really sorry!

Hopefully there is a “next time” soon, where I can invite you all.  Hope the existence allows it to happen.

See photos from the event


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