Welcome to my new workspace.  May I introduce myself as a newborn in the world of writing and publishing.

Thank you so much for reading this.

This is the new space where I want to have a relationship with you.  I’d like to know you better and I’d like you to know me better. Because to be honest, I hardly know you.  I know you exist, I have seen you sometimes, I can imagine the way you are, but I’d really like to know more about you.

There´s one thing for sure.  I admire you.  I like you and the things you do.  I think you are a wonderful person.  And I believe we will get along.  We have so many things to share.

To begin this «sharing» let me tell you few things about me.

I am a dreamer,  I fly.  I have always been dreaming and flying all over.  I can’t keep it just normal, as it is.  I want things to be different than what they are.  Different in a way that I consider better, but maybe it is worse…  Better for me, worse for others…  Everything is so relative…

The point is, that because of this reason, I imagine, and therefore, I create.  Ideas come to my mind, I read, I think, I discover things that were already there but I didn’t know!  And by a mysterious «something», I enjoy some of them, I understand them; I believe in them, they make sense to me!  They inspire and give me peace.  And I feel the need and impulse to translate it into my own language, my own words, which are women´s handbags and clothes.

These are things that have inspired me so far: Fauvism, Finances, India, Handcrafts, Sustainable and Ethical Fashion, Feminism and Spirituality.   I am particularly curious about this two last things.  Women have been and still are in a very disadvantage  status compared to men.  They need so much support, specially in some parts of the planet where they are totally abused.  That’s why I have a special feeling for them, and I create for them, they need attention, care and kindness from all of us.

That’s the reason why I have started project called «The Middle Point».  This is a research project based on the idea of a woman who has the opportunity to bring her feminine energies to function, to work.  «The further away woman and man are from each other, the better is the possibility of their becoming complementaries in a harmonious, loving relationship»*.

Women does not have to copy men, we need to make the most of ourselves as women.  But no one tells us why, because all we see is a man’s made world…  I am not against men, on the contrary, we need them as much as they need us, but we both must learn to respect each other, be friendly, help each other to achieve freedom.  Love and freedom go together.

I herby invite you to participate in this research, as well as the other topics that inspire me.  You can give me your opinions or share your knowledge in this space which is open to anyone interested.   I’ll be sharing with you whatsoever I discover as I research.

Lets get started,

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