Ce qui est (What is)

When we fight we go crazy, we act different than how we usually act (especially if we are drunk…).  We may be very rude and stupid.  But there’s one very important thing:  we fight because we are MAD.

We are mad because we  are determined to face something we do not want to take any more.  We don´t like it, it is hurting us  and we need to change it.
In those moments, we are aware, we feel alive. In my opinion, the angrier you get, the more asleep you have been;the less you have understood or seen what is.   Actually, we get mad at ourselves for that, for being distracted and not seeing what is.


«One must be aware that there is disorder within oneself, attentive to the contradictions, the dualistic struggle, the opposing desires, attentive to the ideological activities and its unreality. One has to observe «what is» without condemning, without judging, without evaluating at all. To understand what is does not demand effort; effort is a distraction. To understand something, to understand what is you cannot be distracted, can you? If I want to understand what you are saying I cannot listen to music, to the noise of people outside, I must give my whole attention to it. Thus it is extraordinarily difficult and arduous to be aware of what is, because our very thinking has become a distraction.


«Ce qui est» means What is.  

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