A positive future

One of the main slogans of COZARLLADO (whitch also launched our first collection of leather handbags) is «The Existence Allows it to Happen». Therefore, almost predestined, we found Positive Luxury (www.positiveluxury.com). An organization which informs consumers about the brand’s commitment to quality, design, craftsmanship, service and sustainability and rewards its emblem, a blue butterfly, to all those companies that meet its high standards. Companies like Gucci, Dior, Aqua di Parma… are now called «positive brands«.

The company was set up in 2011 by Diana Verde Nieto, a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader and founder of the sustainability consultancy Clownfish, and Karen Hanton MBE, founder of toptable.com from a joint desire to move sustainability from a niche concept to become normal and accessible to the everyday consumer. «When buying a handbag, most women wouldn’t think about whether the factory staff get the minimum wage or which charities the designer has alliances with, but it doesn’t mean they don’t care. We ask brands everything, from whether their packaging is recyclable to if their head office has implemented systems to use less water when flushing the toilets».

Such initiatives as Positive Luxury are very important, not only because they help consumers and brands to become aware of environmental and business sustainability, but also because they illuminate a new awareness in our society: the consistent creation and sustainable design. It gives manufacturers the opportunity to sell not only bags, but bags with values.

 This is a proof of a new mindset that is emerging. There are new customers. New Products. The existence allows it to happen.

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