Hackers in my website

Dear all,

My website is being attacked.  I have no idea who is trying to get in it since two days ago.  Failed login messages don’t stop coming into my email.  I have about 100 in two days.

Whoever is there, trying to get in, I want to thank you, because you made me realize that I was not taking good care of my web.  I hardly posted anything, I haven’t even uploaded the pictures of my new products to show them to my followers.

Whoever is there, please understand this is a private place, it’s not abandoned, it’s not from someone who doesn’t care.  Well, it was a little bit, to be honest, but not anymore.  I have taken responsibility over it, and I will take care of it from now on.  I will publish posts, and I will update my products.  I will launch campaigns, I will start selling, I will start writing messages to those who are there, who like me, who believe in me, in what I do.  I will not abandon you anymore.

Whoever is there, thank you.  You have done your job.  You helped me a lot.  Thank you.  Now you can let it go.  And I can let you go.  I bless you and let you go in peace.

God bless you too

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