Who we are

We are an emerging brand based in Madrid. We started to create leather handbags in 2014 after several years of working with garments and textile handbags. We are a brand devoted to women. We love responsible women who strive to grow and discover themselves. We love leather, handbags and crafts. We love art and cinema. We love beauty. We believe in the pursuit of balance and excellence. We love unique and special things, crafts and local production. We believe in doing things with care and quality, using the best selected skins from Spain, Italy, Japan. We have true respect for all living beings on the planet. We like to support others while others support us.


How we work

So far we have created a collection of handbags that is being produced little by little. We work with a very small budget to develop this collection, making 3 bags per season in the workshop together with the craftsmen. Each season, we choose different leathers from our suppliers and make different combinations to manufacture the designs. Every 3 handbags convey different messages or concepts. First we make samples and later we produce a small amount, or we make the handbags on request.  All of them are handmade in Madrid or in Ubrique (Cádiz). Their metals are 100% gold-plated brass also from Madrid.



Our prices vary depending on the complexity of the handbags and the leather used, going from 240 up to 1500 euros. Prices also depend on whether you get it made on request or we have it in stock. At this moment we only have Courbettes and Se Soigners in stock.


Production and delivery times

If you order a handbag which is in stock, we will send it to you right away so in 4-5 days you will have it at home… (depending on where is your home ;)).  If it’s made on request, it will take between one or two months to get it ready to be sent to you.

If you are a retailer, and you’d like to buy for your boutique, please send us an email to contact@cozarllado.com  We will be more than happy to let you know how to place the orders and give you the wholesale prices.